Fun Stops Just Outside Austin

Fredericksburg Picture by Texas Wine Limos This town is a perfect spot for a romantic couples getaway – or a girls weekend. There are dozens of different boutiques to check out. Peruse the art galleries, shop for knick-knacks, doilies or clothes without leaving the main drag. You may even find inspiration for you Fun Stop 5K costumes in some of the antique shops! For history lovers,...
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10 Austin Fun Stops

The Fun Stop 5k and Fest throws your expectations about normal 5k’s out the window.  There are a pile of fun stops along the route – where you can play with water guns, go on a slip and slide or get kisses from a puppy. But every day can’t be June 23rd.  That’s why we’re looking at the 10 most “fun stops” in Austin – any other day of the year. Adventure on the water at...
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Break Out of Your Workweek Routine By Being Awesome

After spending an hour getting to work, slogging behind a computer for nine hours, then dealing with another bumper-to-bumper commute home on Mopac, followed by making dinner and doing chores, it can be hard to motivate yourself to get off the couch on a week night. But life isn’t for watching TV, it’s for living. Inspired by the Fun Stop 5k and Fest (which helps you break out of the common...
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Epic Prize for an Epic Costume

Why is everyone in costume at the Fun Stop 5K & Fest? The costumes are a huge part of what makes the Fun Stop 5K and Fest so fantastic.  More people than not are wearing something wacky – even if it’s just a little bit of make-up or a hat – if you want to fit in, you need to have a costume that stands out.  It’s the type of event that attracts people who aren’t afraid to...
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A Guide to Tip Top Shape for the Fun Stop 5K

Preparing for a Fun 5k Just like with any 5k, you need to spend a little bit of time preparing for the Fun Stop 5k and Fest.  But since this is a Fun 5k, getting ready is very different. Skip downloading the Couch to 5k app and you don’t need to bother making a calendar of what days you need to exercise.  Fun like this requires a very different type of planning. The weeks before: Set a...
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$1 of every ticket sold goes directly to central texas food bank

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